A Tale of Two Fish

I got my first pet fish a little over a year ago–a gorgeous blue half-moon betta with metallic aqua on his tail. I named him Caspian, after Prince Caspian from Narnia. Cass for short, or for people who couldn’t pronounce Caspian.

I had him almost eleven months before he died. (Amazing how attached you can get to a leetle fish.) I didn’t want that tank to sit empty, so I scrubbed it clean and went to the pet story that very day and bought another betta. I almost bought a red one, but apparently I can’t resist the blue ones. I came home with a dark blue veil-tail, which I named Rilian (after Prince Caspian’s son).

I guess I expected them to be almost identical. A betta fish is a betta fish, right?

But these two fish weren’t the same. They had different personalities.

Yeah, I see you rolling your eyes, but most people acknowledge that dogs have their own personalities, so hang with me a little longer.

Caspian was an arrogant little thing. Loved nothing better than to admire his reflection. If I traced my finger along the outside of his tank, he ignored it. Flared his gills most ostentatiously. And he hated it when I cleaned his tank. I had to chase him round and round the tank before I could scoop him out into the holding cup. (I always figured he’d work himself into a heart attack, but he never did.) He’d just sit and sulk until I put him back in his freshly cleaned tank.

He had the funniest way of turning his nose up at you. He wasn’t the sort of pet I baby-talked.

Rilian is very personable. When someone puts their face up to the tank, he swims over to say hi. He wiggles and flares his gills gently and follows your finger along the tank. He’s better at aiming for his food than Caspian was. And he doesn’t mind it when I scoop him out of his tank for cleaning.

Altogether, he’s more approachable. I can call him Rilly sometimes without his being insulted. 😉

So perhaps their “personalities” have to do with the way I interpret their behavior. But the fact is these two fish behave differently.

God cares about His creation so much that He bothered to give two little betta fish different “personalities,” so to speak. Two betta fish that might have died in the hatchery or at the pet store, and absolutely no one would have cared beyond the fact they’d lost a very small amount of cash.

The God who made the stars also cares about little fish no longer than my finger.

He makes them beautiful, and He makes them unique.

“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God.

“But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

-Luke 12:6-7 NKJV (emphasis mine)

-Miss Darcy


5 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Fish

  1. You do know that when Rillian swims over and flares his gills that he’s ready to fight, don’t you? LOL That’s their nature. But some do act like your Caspian used to. They’re more laid back.

    Years ago, I kept Betas. Even tried breeding them once (unsuccessfully). Also, had a box for them in my aquarium where you could see all 5 without them killing each other. I’d take one out of the box each day and let it roam freely through the aquarium. They are beautiful fish. But, as aggressive as they are with each other, the other fish tend to pick on their beautiful fancy fins and tail.

    Yes, God cares about all of us, whether fish or human, and everything in between. And He gave us these little creatures to care for. Good example of that in your story here.

    This example of how different the personalities of fish are reminds me of our writing. Each of our characters, although from the same species (lol), have their own personalities like traits from different ethnic groups and backgrounds. That’s the way we need to identify them.

    I know, I know…I had to get writing in there somewhere, right? LOL

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    1. Yeah, I know flaring is supposed to be a sign of aggression. With Cass, he really did look aggressive when he flared. Rill somehow looks like he’s just playing around with me. 🙂

      And of course this reminded you of writing. Doesn’t everything in life make you think of writing, Sharon? LOL ❤


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