Reformation Fire

(Because I’m in haste today, I present you with a poem I wrote six years ago. Hope you enjoy!)

A man from England, John Wycliffe,
A learned man was he.
He taught his students at Oxford
About theology.
He wanted to seek for the truth
And always uphold right;
He studied well the Bible’s words—
And so the fire ignites! 

The clergymen who ruled the church
Were rich and powerful;
They loved their riches more that Christ,
Which made John sorrowful.
The common people did not know
How to find salvation:
Scriptures were writ in Latin and
They had no education.

Now John translated the Bible
So common folks could read
Of sin and wrath and great judgment
And Jesus’ blood we need.
John saw that the priests and bishops
And pope loved pow’r and wealth;
They forgot God, neglected man
And his spiritual health. 

John saw and was indignant, he
Rebuked the clergymen.
The pope said he could teach no more
And thus he silenced him.
But truth can never be suppressed—
The things that John had said,
They traveled to Bohemia.
And so the fire spread! 

‘Twas there a young man named Jan Hus
Heard of John Wycliffe’s words.
And at his university
Soon all the students heard.
The teachings, they were much admired
By Jan especially.
He believed the Bible was the
Only authority. 

He widely proclaimed these teachings:
The common folks were glad.
The church’s teachings were challenged:
The officials were mad!
So they tried Jan for heresy
And burned him at the stake.
He died praying and singing—
A martyr for Christ’s sake. 

But though they might could kill the man,
They could not quench the flame.
The pow’r and truth of the gospel
Will always be the same.
Let us remember John Wycliffe,
Who walked the narrow way,
And Jan Hus for reviving that
Great flame that burns today!

-Miss Darcy

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