The Land Is Filled with Blood

Our land is full of beauty,
of mountains, prairies, lakes;
dazzling grandeur and humbler beauties,
each lovely and beloved.
But the land
is marred
by blood.

We boast of education
for all,
no matter who they are,
or where they’re from,
or what they own.
We boast of equal opportunity,
a chance to mold your life
as you will choose.
But still flows silently,
ignored, or accepted,
a stream of innocent blood.

Beautiful homes, beautiful cars,
well-maintained roads,
electronics by tons,
clean water,
much food,
good shelter and warmth…
By other land’s standards
our poor are rich.
But our land
is filled
with blood.

We do not worship Molech,
burning our children
to death on his altars.
We revere education,
power; therefore,
we fill our land
with blood.

In unpretentious buildings
tiny humans die,
slain, defenseless,
unable to cry out.
And yet no legal crime is done.
No court will bind
the murderer.
No law will stop
this wrong.
How can we boast of greatness
in this land?
when mass murder is lawful,
provided those who die
are yet unborn.
Shame blackens our land.
Yet we do not weep,
Though the land
is filled
with innocent

-Miss Darcy

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