He Knows Us

I’m helping with music for my church’s Vacation Bible School this year. It’s providing a lot of good, clean fun.

We (the music leaders) have learned six songs in a week, complete with hand motions that are–how shall we say?  Let’s call them fascinating. I have favorites. (And, yes, I have ones I don’t care for so much.)

But one of my favorites is about how Jesus knows us. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He loves us in a way no one else can.

Yes, you’ve heard that before. I’ve heard that before. Nothing new.

But think over it again for a moment. Jesus knows me. He knows what makes me tick–even when I don’t know what makes me tick.

Of course He does. He made me.

What’s more, He loves me.

See, if Jesus knows me that well, that means He knows my ugliness.

The things you can’t see. The things I hide so carefully that maybe even my family, who rub shoulders with me every day, can’t see.

Jesus sees every thought, every action, every word that is wrong. He even sees the things I do or think that I don’t realize are wrong. (I know I have a blind spot somewhere. No telling how many. I’ll find them one day, God willing, and likely be horrified.)

And Jesus is holy. My ugliness must be much more repulsive to Him than to me.

Yet even with knowing all my faults, Jesus loves me.

That’s not to say that I can ignore my faults, or even that Jesus ignores my faults.

The wonder is that He loves me in spite of them.

When someone loves you that much, how can you not want to please them?

-Miss Darcy


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