Jesus for President?

With the presidential campaigning in full swing in the United States, I remembered a church sign I saw last campaign.  It asked, “Would you vote for Jesus as president?”

My response?  “Not a chance!” 

Isn’t that a little unchristian?

It don’t think so.  I mean, would you really try to stick Jesus in a position of limited power?  Think of the wrangling with Congress!  Humor aside, the only political position Jesus should occupy is that of sovereign and unrestricted King. 

But how often do we make Jesus president of our lives?  Or maybe we go so far as King, but we want this to be a constitutional monarchy.  We have certain rights even Jesus can’t expect us to give up.  We have our time, our hobbies, our relationships, and our possessions.  We have a right to these things.  And we need to make sure Jesus doesn’t get too invasive.  One single  Person in control is dangerous.  We need something to protect our interests.  Right?

Yet Jesus died to save us from the enslavement of sin.  When we accept His payment to redeem us, that is, buy us back, from sin, we move into His possession.  Completely.  Jesus is indeed Savior.  He is also King.

Such a gentle King.  He waits for us to give Him the throne.  He even rules within the selfish “constitutions” we erect to protect our desires.  And the results are good.  Have you ever thought of how much He could do if we let Him have the throne, no questions asked, no limitations, no constitution, no congress of one? 

I know I have.  Somehow it seems so hard to do.  What does it even look like?  What on earth might happen?  What might people think?  What might it cost me?

What might I gain if He reigned alone?  His promises are rich and numerous and unfailing.

One day Christ will reign over the whole world, but for now He doesn’t want a country.  He wants my life.  He wants your life.  Unconditionally.  And He deserves it.

-Miss Darcy


2 thoughts on “Jesus for President?

  1. When Jesus is Lord of our lives, we don’t have to worry about who is the president of our country. Very interesting thoughts. I think more people need to take this to heart. Thanks Miss Darcy.


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