Thoughts on Water

In Numbers 19:17, God declares that the water of purification is to be “running” water.  A note in my Bible says, “Literally, living water.”  Living water makes me think of John, chapter 4, where Jesus promises to give living water to those who believe in Him–water that will become in the believer “a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (emphasis mine).

What interests me is this:  living water moves!  It is not stagnant.  It is constantly overflowing and spilling out to make room for new, fresh water.  Living water is running and washing, bubbling and splashing.

Our love becomes dull and tepid if we do not share it.  Our joy lessens if we try to bottle it up within us.  And our peace weakens if we do not allow it to flow over us “like a river.”

I’m not typically a demonstrative person, but I must not try to keep God’s Spirit hidden close in my life.  I must let Him move, howsoever He will.

-Miss Darcy


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