A Different Picture of Jesus

It’s funny the way I picture Jesus; I tend to picture Him in Middle Eastern clothing with dark hair and eyes, generally dusty, caring for people with gentle hands outstretched, moving about in his first-century world.

Or I picture Him glorified in heaven, with a pure gold crown and glowing white robes aganst a backdrop of beautiful, powerful light.

Or maybe, sometimes, as an unstoppable Warrior, riding a mighty white horse and carrying an invincible sword.

All of those pictures are probably more or less accurate:  Bible references point to such pictures.  But do you notice a trend?  They all seem stuck in a time certain time period, a period far removed from our world of technology.

But remember, Jesus isn’t bound by time.  He created the whole universe; He has sustained it for thousands of years; He died to redeem His favorite creation, mankind; and He rose up again to defeat death and live forevermore.  It’s not like He’s going to get behind the times with the latest gadgets on planet Earth.

That means He knows how a television works.  He understands the quirks of a smartphone.  Why, He even knows how the tiniest parts of a computer are made, and He reads the programming languages better than the coders who wrote them.

I don’t know about you, but somehow it really blew my mind when I realized all that.  It happened when I was floundering about, attempting to learn a programming language.  I prayed about it, and I know there is no way I could have gone as far as I did without God’s help.  Guess what?

Jesus knows JavaScript!

-Miss Darcy


What are your thoughts?

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