Eight Reasons Not to Homeschool

Disclaimer:  I’m not saying the following things will befall all homeschooled children or that they will never befall children educated in other venues.  I’m just making some observations.  Now, on to the fun…

1.  Your children might learn how to think instead of merely accepting and reciting information.  (Which can mean they’ll argue very well.  Think of how frustrating that will be when you are losing your temper and not making sense while they coolly refute your ranting.  It’s very annoying to argue under such circumstances.)

2.  Your children might learn to distinguish between observational science and historical science, and they might learn how to make objective scientific observations.  (This could mean they will reject evolution and be unable to succeed in the scientific world.  Take Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton, for examples.)

3.  Your children might not spend 6-8 hours at school, on the bus, or doing homework, so they’ll have time to get into other things.  (Which means they’ll often require more parental supervision, especially when they’re younger.  This could become inconvenient at times.)

4.  Your children might find it difficult to discuss the latest movies, television shows, and pop stars with their peers.  They might even use full sentences and advanced vocabulary, and they may not recognize the common acronyms and jargon used by their peers.  Your children may also be comfortable conversing with adults.  (Some call this being “unsocialized.”  For more on the subject of socialization, see Socialized Equals Girlfriend.)

5.  Your children’s best friends, through necessity, might be their siblings.  (There is a remote possibility that this will prove inconvenient, particularly if you have more children than parents.  A close-knit bunch, always loyal to one another:  it would be unfortunate if they “ganged up” on the parents.)

6.  Your children might never have the horizon-broadening experience of being bullied.  (Unless you count the inevitable fights with siblings.  These could somewhat counteract the effects of Number 5.)

7.  Your children might become opinionated.  (Which could embarrass you one day.  Just think of my parents reading this post!)

8.  Your children might become unique, creative individuals who stand up for their beliefs and stand out in a crowd.  (Think how awful they will feel!  People often call such individuals “weird.”)

(For more on the concerns associated with home education, see The Dangers of Homeschooling.)

Hoping someone got a good laugh!  And that, maybe, it made you think, too.

-Miss Darcy

What are your thoughts?

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