Once Upon a Time

Yes, of course the title’s cliché.  But I like the way the phrase dances off my tongue, the way it sounds when it plays in my mind, and the limitless panorama it paints in my imagination.  It’s a good old way to start a story.  So…

Once upon a time, a girl named Darcy lived in an average house in a rural part of Northeast Georgia.  She loved to play with words and music.  She had about a dozen fictional stories spinning in her head, and every now and then the Lord gave her a new song.  She had been observing people for longer than she could remember, thinking over their lives afterward.  She was probably a romantic at heart, but not a hopeless romantic because she had a strong dose of practicality to go with it.  She thought it would be fun to start a weblog to scribble about her life and other topics that popped into her head and wanted to be talked over.  Most particularly she wanted everything she wrote to be pleasing to her Lord.

My life is a story, and I’ve never accused it of being boring.  Oh, yes, a particular day may seem mundane, but taken as a whole my story has collected everyday adventures just fine.  My story is intertwined closely with many other people’s, and still others have left a word or a paragraph or a chapter of their story in mine.  It is so very interesting to think about.  I know that the Lord has my story safely in His hands, and I’m excited to see what He writes next.  I never want to steal the pen.

Perhaps my story will only be interesting to me, and that’s okay, too.  But I hope someone finds it a blessing to eavesdrop on my thoughts–the ones I don’t mind sharing.

Miss Darcy


3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. I was happy to find you have a blog now–yay! It’ll be fun to get to know you on here, in addition to our letters. 🙂 What you said about observing people and how their lives mesh with and impact our own is something I like to think about too.


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